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Established in January 1996 as section nr. 68 of the Bristol-based Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club.


MagyarJaguar Club

Jaguar Club Hungary (Magyar Jaguar Club) founded in January 1996 as section nr. 68 of the international, Bristol-based Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club (JEC), but as a separate association, was the first of such in Eastern Europe. Listed as the world's largest club of Jaguar fans, JEC has also granted permission to use its own logo.

The first President of the founding members, Dr. Miklós Pallay, held this position until 2009.

Since its establishment, Jaguar Club Hungary has been operating as an association, and its members form in practice a close-knit group of friends who welcome all new applicants who find themselves at home in this community and accept the conditions of membership set out in the association's documents.

The natural basis of our association is the passion for the Jaguar and Daimler brands, sharing information and technical assistance among our knowledgeable and technically less skilled members.


MagyarJaguar Club

Under the presidency of Péter Gulya, and with the support of an enthusiastic, hard-working co-president team, from 2010 the initially small organisation entered a phase of intensive growth, and by 2020 the number of paying members had stabilised at around 100, most of whom enjoy the positive atmosphere and services of the club for a long time.

Financing and administration of the club have stabilised, and the club life has developed into the 8-10 meetings yearly that are still typical today, 4-5 of these events being over whole weekends providing a culturally meaningful and friendly get-together for participating club members and their families.

Since 2016, Jaguar Club Hungary has initiated an annual series of international Jaguar meetings in different countries in Central Europe, which was interrupted by the Covid epidemic, but will hopefully be continued from 2023.


MagyarJaguar Club

From 2022, Attila Feltein took over the presidency of the club leading a renewed management, with the aim to further improve the quality of the club's image and the services provided by the club, to enhance the professionalism of the club's management to achieve the objectives of the association, and to develop closer links with the domestic and international motoring club scene, including the JEC as our parent club.

Nevertheless, the defining pillars of Jaguar Club Hungary will remain a passion for Jaguar and British-style motoring, and the friendships that have been formed over the years and will continue to be formed, which make it worth being part of the club, and which make it worth putting so much effort and energy into organising meetings and running the club.


Attila Feltein - President

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