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2018.04.17. Jaguar F-Type GT4

Created: 03-10-2018

The new GT4 Jaguar F-type fought its first weekend in the British GT Championship Oulton park opening race. The team of pilotes, which was primarily for charity purposes, was mixed with war veterans. In any case, it is good to see that after a few decades, Jaguar has returned to the GT category, and with such car. See photo and an interesting Youtube link below.

2018.04.17. Formula-E Róma Jaguar almost 1st, but 9th at the end

Created: 03-10-2018

On Saturday's Forrmula-E race, Jaguar was almost a breakthrough, with Mitch Evans starting from 3rd place with two laps before the end of the race still in 2nd place and fought for 1st place. He ven did attempt to overtake Bird for the top. At the end, Evans was unable to efficiently use the energy and slowed down and so he finally slipped back to 9th place.
Piquet had been slowed down on the box street after the car change at half the race. As it turned out, his belt was not properly clamped and he did not risk trying to correct it during the race or circling it with an unbound belt.
Jaguar's pilots are 6th and 7th, and the team is awaiting the next, Paris race of April 28th from 5th place. The race is broadcast live at Eurosport at 16:00.

2018.03.20. Formula-E Punta del Este Jaguar 4th

Created: 03-10-2018

In the Punta del Este Formula-E race, the Jaguar team has proven again its competitiveness in the Formula-E championship.
Evans won 3rd place on the official qualifying. Unfortunately, he was down for a technical issue and only started from the 16th place. It happened that after the first free practice session, the team replaced the battery unit with a few kilograms lighter than the original pack. The team did not pay attention, so they did not compensate for the difference with extra weight, which ultimately led to the car being lighter than the minimum required weight at a weighing test. Finally, he came up well from the 16th place to the 4th (!!!!) race.
Piquet, at the official qualification, hit his car from side to wall, so he started the race from the 14th place. It does not seem that the team has been able to put the car in the perfect fit for the race, where it has been struggling with technical problems and finally gave up the race.
The next race will be in Rome on April 14th, start-finish at Via Cristoforo Colombo, with a total of 21 turns in the immediate vicinity of the Colosseum. Eurosport broadcasts live.

2018.03.06. Jaguar X-Type Kakucsring Kupa

Created: 03-10-2018

I had a very good result with X-Type in the first round :) but later I slipped and put it back in the brim with my back :( so I could not improve my first round time :( Instead Now I'm going to repare the car :( Also in Category 2, Absolute 16th place in the field of about 50. Thank you for the encouraging words! Győrfi György

2018.03.06. Formula-E Mexico: Jaguar 4th and 5th!

Created: 03-10-2018

Jaguar did well at the Formula-E race in Mexico. After Piquet was 8th in the qualifying round and Evans scored the disappointing 14th place, they were able to advance ahead of the race at the start and then reliably led others forward. Finally, Piquet finished 4th, Evans fifth place, and even though they did not qualify for the podium, but after 5 races, the team came up to 3rd place, while the two racers are 5th and 7th.
The next race will be at Punta del Este in Uruguay on March 17th.

2018.02.05 Jaguar F-Type GT4

Created: 03-10-2018

A select group of wounded, injured and sick (WIS) veterans of the British Armed Forces will compete in the 2018-19 British GT Championships as part of a new motor racing team in specially-designed Jaguar sports cars.

Invictus Games Racing is a collaboration between James Holder, Co-Founder of the successful clothing brand Superdry, and the Invictus Games Foundation. Holder commissioned Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division to develop and build two bespoke F-TYPE SVR racing cars to GT4 specification for the Invictus Games Racing drivers to compete in. These vehicles have been in top secret development for over a year.

2018.02.05. Jaguar X-Type Kakucsring Kupa January 2018

Created: 03-10-2018

At the last race of the Kakucsring Kupa, it was snowing, so a soft tyre would have been beneficial...At the end only 2 rounds were organized due to time constraints, and as I was slipping off the track at the 2nd, with the generally worse 1st round time I finished at the middle of the field.

2018.02.05. Formula-E Marrakesh és Santiago de Chile

Created: 03-10-2018

Jaguar is still very stable at the Formula-E 2017/18 season. On January 13th at Marrakesh Piquet started 7th and finished 4th, while Evans finished 12th.

The last week-end in Santiago de Chile, Piquet finished 6th after fighting for the 3rd place, while Evans, sarted from the last position, overtook 2/3 of the cars and finished 7th.

2017.12.05.: Formula-E Jaguar Hong-Kong

Created: 03-10-2018

Jaguar started succesfully the 2017/18 Formula-E season in Hong-Kong. Although the Jaguars were qualified 10. and 20., they fininshed the race at the 4. and 12. place.

X-Type race car on the Hungaroring

Created: 06-10-2017

On the Hungaroring again, a Hungarian Slalom championship race was orgamized on the 3rd September, where club-member György Győrfi also raced with his X-Type race car. The first 2 rounds were not so succesfull mainly due to low tyre pressure. In the 3rd round he was more succesfull with higher tyre pressure and finished in the midfield. Attended also Ignác Tóth club member with his serial Mazda RX8.
The next race will be on the 21st October on Kakucsring.

Hungaroring Classic with Jaguars

Created: 06-10-2017

During the week-end of Sept 30/Oct 1, the oldtimers occupied the Hungaroring for the Hungraring Classic event. Our club was also present with 14 cars. There was a possibility to make some laps on the asphalt(please see our club president Péter Gulya with his nice XJ40 from 3:43:50 on Saturday youtube stream).
On the Sixties Endurance race there were several E-Types. Carlos CRUZ was 2nd until the latest moment of the 2 hours race, but then he had to stop due to technical issue, so the first 3 places were occupied by Shelby Cobra's. Please see full Saturday and Sunday stream on youtube:
(Péter Gulya from Saturday 3:43:50 and E-Type stop from Saturday 9:25:12):

Formula-E 2017/18 season

Created: 06-10-2017

The Formula_E championship 2017/18 season with its 14 races will debut in Hong-Kong on 2nd&3rd December. The Panasonic Jaguar Racing team unveiled the new, developed I-Type 2 race car, presented the new driver ex-champion Nelson Piquet Jr. Evans remained with the team. Jaguar is becoming one of the mail driver in Fromula-E, especially because from the 2018/19 season, there will be a satellite Jaguar I-Pace eTROPHY championship only with this quasy-serial ecetric I-Pace cars.

Jaguar X-Type on the Hungaroring Extreme Technical Week-end

Created: 18-08-2017

Győrfi György club member plans to race on the Extreme Technical Week-end with his white Jaguar X-Type race car. The race will happen on the 2nd and 3rd of September on the Hungaroring. This week-end there will be international drag-racing, drift and slalom races simultaneously on different points of the asphalt lane. Please come and enjoy!

Formula-E Montreal races

Created: 18-08-2017

Another back-to-back racing weekend saw the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team being rewarded with additional points for their tireless efforts. The positive results began during Saturday’s qualifying, with the drivers finishing in a season best P6 and P7 respectively.

During the action-packed race, a crash on lap 16 brought out a full course yellow, forcing every team to choose whether to gamble on pitting for an early car swap. The British team split the race strategies and immediately called Mitch into the pits, while Adam raced on for an additional lap. The Kiwi rejoined the action in P5, while unfortunate circumstances had Adam rejoining in P15.

After an intense second half, Mitch finished in P7, gaining six points, while Adam finished in P16 to earn valuable data for the team.
During Sunday’s race, the last of the season, the guys raced both hard and smart to make up five places each and just narrowly missing out on further points. Mitch battled his way from P17 to P12, while Adam brought his I-TYPE in at P14 after starting at P19.

James Barclay, Team Director, Panasonic Jaguar Racing: “Being part of this innovative series has been so rewarding. We’ve learnt a huge amount in season one and really enjoyed the challenge of Jaguar’s first year of all-electric street racing.

Adam Carroll, #47: “This is one of the most competitive championships in the world but it’s the place to be for a team that is racing to innovate. If any racer or manufacturer wants to prove themselves, the Formula E championship is the place to do it.”

Mitch Evans, #20: “It’s great to be part of this team and I’m proud to help bring such a famous name back to racing. We have learned a huge amount and just being part of this has been amazing.”

The team now switches its focus onto season four, which begins in Hong Kong this December. The Jaguar I-TYPE 2’s development is well underway and the team will launch its new challenger in the coming months.

Formula-E New York 2017

Created: 21-07-2017

This week-end happened the Formula-E New York races. The Saturday race was watched together with a group of 15 Jaguar club member/supporter.
Result is still not as expected from Jaguar, Evans could not finish any of the 2 races, and Carroll finished 10. and 11., so gained only 1 point.
The next, 2016/17 season end races will be on the week-end of 29/30 July in Montreal.

Formula-E Berlin 2017

Created: 14-06-2017

During the last week-end happened the Formula-E Berlin races.

The Jaguars earned the 16th and 18th position at the Saturday race qualification, so they started from these at the race. Mitch Evans had technical issues from the beginning, get out to the box, and went back to race just to earn the fastest lap 1 point.

Adam Carroll earned the 14th position, which is not so bad, taking into consideration that he was 18th at the start grid.

At the Sunday race qualification Evans took the 9th, Carroll the 19th place. Evans hold this position during the 1st part of the race, but lost a lot of times at the car change, when his 2nd car was wrongly prepared in neutral gear instead of 1st. At the end the Jaguars took the 16th and 17th posittion.

The team management is still positive for the upcoming New York races as they gathered again a lot of experiences.
We plan to watch the July 16th New York race together in Tata Gottwald restaurant, before the club lunch, at 10am.

We go for JAGUAR!

Győrfi György

Formula-E races Monaco and Paris

Created: 26-05-2017

Two Formula-E races happened during the last two week-ends, in Monaco and in Paris.

The Jaguars passed both races fairly, but worse than the previous race.

Mitch Evans scored points on both races, he finished 10th in Monaco, and 9th in Paris.

The races were quite exciting, Mitch Evans could have set mutch better position in Paris, but his cra change during the Safety Car did not happen well and he lost his start position (8th) kept succesfully until that moment. Finally he could finish 9th, thanks to different panalties on other drivers.

There was no issue on the energy usage and the reliability of the Jaguars, the team is still happy with thsi year's results and traustfull about the future.

The next, double races will happen in Berlin, on the 10th and 11th of June.

Go for JAGUAR!

Formula-E Mexico Jaguar_Breaking News

Created: 12-04-2017

The Formula E Mexico race was a very succesfull one for Jaguar! After the first races without points, now Jaguar took the 4th and 8th position.

It was a twists race with several cars out due to technical issues or accidents, but the Jaguars resisted until the end. Of course, the pilots, the management of the race team, and Jaguar is very satisfied.

On below link they already uploaded a Jaguar specific summary of the race:

Hope very soon we can see Mitch Evans and/or Adam Carroll, the Jaguar pilots on the podium!

Let's go for JAGUAR!

Kakucsring Kupa 5th March

Created: 25-03-2017

Győrfi György: "I participated at the Kakucsring Kupa 5th, last round on the 5th of March with my X-Type. The new, harder tyres warmed quite slowly on the rainy asphalt, and thus the rear of the car became unstable at the brake zones. I decreased step by step the tyre pressure, improving the adherence. At the end, I finished 9th out of the 11 drivers in my category, but gathered experiences with the new tyres. Also I invested in a used tyre warmer set, so looking forward to the next race. This will be the 1st round of the Hungarian Slalom Championship on the 1st of April at Kiskunlacháza. All Jaguars are competitive in the Serial class. People can try the driving competences of himself and their car in safe and legal environment during these races!!!"

Histo-cup Pannoniaring 9th of July

Created: 10-03-2017

I am waiting for interested people to go to the Histo-Cup ( Pannoniaring race on the 9th of July. Histo-cup is a classic and youngtimer race car Central European championship. The cars are homologuated according to FIA scecifications, and there are also some Jaguars (2 XJS, E-Type, D-Type-ek). 2017 championship starts with the race on the RedBull Ring on 22/23 April. Győrfi György, or 06 30 4384017

Formula-E Buenos Aires

Created: 25-03-2017

Jaguar finished 13th and 17th in the Buenos Aires Fornula-E race. Thus still without points in the championship. Mitch Evans's week-end started well, he begun the race from the 7th position, and could keep the pace with the other cars. At the end of the race, with his 2nd car, he lost some positions and finished 13th, after being penalized with 5 secondes due to speed limit violation. Adam Carroll's car had electrical issues at the start, lost almost 1 lap, but could overtake some cars during the race. The leaders of Panasonic Jaguar Racing were satisfied, especially with the start position of Mitch Evans and promised further improvements for the next races.

Kakucsring Kupa races

Created: 06-03-2017

György Győrfi club member finished respectively 2nd and 5th in its class on the 8th of January and 5th of February Kakucsring Kupa with his X-Type race car. He finished both races in the first third in absolute. The competition was very strong in his class(Proto/4*4/Turbo cars), especially on 5th of February, with Lotus Exige(2 drivers), Mitsubishi Evo, Golf rally-cross, Subaru Impreza, Peugeot 206, Toyota MR2 among others, and so he missed the podium on this race with his worn tyres. But he never minds, and plans to speed-up with new tyres ont he next race of 5th of March...

The Jaguars finished 14th and 17th in Marrakesh

Created: 08-03-2017

There was no issue with the reliability of the cars, all the 4 Jaguars(the drivers change their cars at the middle of the race)finished the race without major technical issue. Taking into consideraion that Adam Carrol started the main race from the last, 20th position, his final 14th place is promising for the 2017 season. The cars used the electrical energy very efficiently, car change was done 1 lap later than their rivals. According to the management of the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team as well, the result and the improvements are promising. The next race will be held in Buenos Aires on the 18th of February.

There is a classic and youngtimer race car championship in Central Europe!

Created: 06-03-2017

There is a classic and youngtimer race car Central European championship, the Histo-cup ( The cars are homologuated according to FIA scecifications, and there are also some Jaguars (2 XJS, E-Type, D-Type-ek). 2017 championship include races at RedBull Ring, Brno Ring, Salzburg Ring, Rijeka Ring, Pannonia Ring and Slovakia Ring. The Pannoniaring race in Hungary will be held on the week-end of July 7-9, the main race on the 9th of July. In case of interest, the Club would organize a cheering on site, supporting the Jaguars. Please contact György Győrfi(06 30 4384017) for any more info or interest.

Jaguar is back to motorsport with the I-Type Electric car

Created: 08-03-2017

Jaguar Racing is hungry for success with his first full-electric race car, the I-TYPE, on the FIA Formula-E championship. Panasonic will be the partner of Jaguar and the drivers (Adam Carroll, Mitch Evans and reserve pilot Ho-Pin Tung) are young but quite experienced. Jaguar Land Rover, the biggest british R&D investor, commented that innovation minded racing is a very important part of their electric car development strategy.

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