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Unauthorized use in criminal and civil consequences ensue. Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary claim ceasing the breach and damage compensation.


The site can only take anything from the pages referring to the condition that the recipient

a) do not modify the original information,

b) the referring page link indicate any clear announcement is made. domain name, and Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary name are protected by copyright, trade mark for, use - only Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary prior written consent of with the exception of the link.


Materials used in my website and photos are protected by copyright, except for personal and non-commercial use cases and must not be, with or communicated in any form, medium, rewritten, broadcast or transmitted in whole or in part stored in the computer. web browsing, the user agrees to the site's operator, Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary the intellectual property of the view's content, read, and only use your personal information to acquire.


The website operator Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary as Assignee does not contribute to the content of those published for commercial use, and the receipt or use of the same or very similar.


These terms also takes into account the user submits to the competent Hungarian court of the Hungarian copyright and permanent address of the web site operator's jurisdiction as well.


If a third party website website content is detected demonstrably the same or similar form, and this Jaguar Enthusiastst’s Club Hungary prior written permission is not given to the user, in case you copied the amount of 80 000 hungarian Forint per picture charge a penalty to the holders of unauthorized users. Considered the copied image if the image receiving at least 20% of the content of the image more than the image contains the portions received not allowed.

The user positively accepts this penalty agreement with the receipt.


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