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The Hungarian Jaguar Club was founded in January 1996 as the first Central-Eastern European branch of the Bristol based Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club.


MagyarJaguar Club

The Hungarian Jaguar Club was set up in January 1996 as Section No 68 of the Bristol based Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club.

The Hungarian Jaguar Club was the first Central-Eastern European branch of the biggest English Jaguar Club and was entitled to use of the club logo.

The official form of the Club is an association (NGO) but it practically operates as a friendly company welcoming any new applicants who wants to enjoy himself/herself in such a fraternity.

The club life consists of monthly meetings, friendly chats, cordial lunches, interesting excursions or other programmes together.

The traditional annual Jaguar gathering in every May is our open programme for any Jaguar enthusiasts in the city of Komárom. It is a one day event providing insights into our club life. Our other programmes are organized for the club members only.

In each September we also have a traditional 3 days long Jaguar weekend providing opportunities for club members to get to know each other closer, to share information regarding the operation and maintenance of their Cats or to get acquainted with new Jaguar types introduced by the Hungarian Jaguar head agent.

Beside these main events 2-3 additional annual trips are organized. During these excursions we visit the beautiful Hungarian countryside getting acquainted with our valuable cultural and historical heritage. In addition our club members can participate in the events of our foreign partner clubs and members of the foreign Jaguar Clubs are welcome to our events in Hungary as well.

To own a Jaguar is not a requirement to be a club member, it is sufficient to be interested in cars and to be devoted to the brand.

If our club members pay the membership fee of the English Jaguar Club they receive the quality monthly magazine from the UK which satisfies the appetite of information of those who are interested in Jaguar and Daimler cars.

Peter Gulya

President of the Hungarian Jaguar Club

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